Riotous | Riotous eSports unveil new website and Partnership with
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Riotous eSports unveil new website and Partnership with

It’s with great pleasure that we here at Riotous eSports unveil our new website for 2017. It’s been a long time in the works and we’re all happy with the new design. It still may have a few teething issues but they will be fixed as they’re come across!

We’re excited to announce a new partnership to go along with the unveiling of our new website. As you can see with all of our new branding we have now come to terms on a partnership with

Ban-Hammer is an Australian gaming community that hosts 7 of the largest community Counter-Strike servers in the country and is still growing. Riotous is proud to be partnered with such a generous and welcoming community and hope that we can only grow together.

A comment from Brendan, the owner and genius behind Ban-Hammer:

“Riotous is a really great young organisation and they’re making all the right moves so far and I’m really excited to be onboard. I was originally approached by co-owner Matthew Franchi, a long time friend of mine, having done my research before committing I found them to be a great up and coming organisation. I really look forward to our future.“


We’d also like to thank our designer Moushn who’s done a tremendous job of all of our new graphics to go along with this partnership, he truly is an amazing artist and a pleasure to deal with.


Be sure to check out the team on their appropriate pages to see the magnificent work that’s been done!

Thank you,

Riotous eSports.