Riotous | Riotous closes it’s doors
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Riotous closes it’s doors


It’s with great sadness that we here at Riotous announce that we are ceasing all operations and will allow our players to explore other opportunities.

Just over a year ago Riotous began from humble beginnings with one goal, to create an organisation that nurtured their players into professionals that can move onto bigger and better things within the esports space. We feel like we have achieved that thus far, but unfortunately things don’t always go to plan and we do not believe we have the capacity to continue to do so. We are sorry to disappoint our Riotous family, and more importantly our current players.


Riotous Raccoons and manager as they warm up at Australian Esports Masters (g0a, kalth, j1rah, JDK, sterling, druce)


Our players are free to explore other opportunities to continue to pursue their careers, effective immediately. We will, however, in the event that they can not find a new organisation, support them until March 1st.

There is a range of reasons as to why this is happening now, with the main reason being that the organisation’s investors no longer have the capability to fund the Riotous venture. Believe us when we say that we did attempt to find new investors, but unfortunately, a potential suitor could not be found. We are announcing this now and informing our players as we would rather it come to light now than close our doors once one of our teams had qualified for a big event.

To any potential organisation owners out there, please look at the two teams that are on our roster. Both the academy and main Counter-Strike teams are great full of great players that are not only amazing at the game, but truly amazing people also. They deserve great homes with organisation’s that care about them.


We thank all of our Riotous family for coming on this crazy ride with us and wish them all the best in the future.