Riotous | The future of Riotous Counter Strike
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The future of Riotous Counter Strike

It’s been a great season with the Riotous Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team that has seen many amazing games throughout our time together. We’ve loved every moment with this team and cannot praise them enough, they’re not only amazing players but amazing people who have grown alongside our organisation. We’d like to give congratulations for what has been an amazing effort from all the players to battle through everything since they originally formed, even way before they joined Riotous. They’ve battled through losing a 5th player nearly every few weeks and trying to balance some of the craziest lives we’ve ever heard of.


It’s with great regret that I announce that the Riotous lineup is disbanding effective immediately. They will finish their ESEA finals campaign and hopefully, they can end it on a high note. This was not a quick irrational decision but this regretful decision was made over an extended period of time. The team had great potential, and regardless of great results, it’s important that you place real life above a video game. We wish both Russell ‘Xtreme’ Walters and William ‘bz’ Beesey the best of luck with their extended break from competitive Counter-Strike. We also with the best of luck to the other three remaining players Luke ‘1ukey’ McMillan, Tom ‘apocdud’ Henry and Ethan ‘crunchy’ Laker who are amazing players and will undoubtedly find themselves new homes in the near future. We’ll allow them to announce their upcoming future themselves so keep updated with them on their personal Twitter’s.


It’s been a great ride and we wish them all the very best in the future. A special thanks goes to Tom ‘apocdud’ Henry who has been an excellent team captain and is truly a player that organisations like ourselves really cherish. He will be a valuable asset wherever he may reside.


In the meantime, stay tuned to all of the Riotous social media platforms – There’s a lot to come!