Riotous | Riotous welcomes the ‘Riotous Raccoons’ Counter Strike team.
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Riotous welcomes the ‘Riotous Raccoons’ Counter Strike team.

It’s with great pleasure that we announce our new Counter Strike: Global Offensive roster that will exist in addition to our current team. 

This team was formerly apart of the Incept organisation but is better known for their old name ‘The Trash Pandas’ and as a tribute to their old and better known name we have birthed the Riotous Raccoons. The Raccoons will still remain firmly apart of the Riotous organisation but will operate with a new re-designed logo thanks to the wonderful Moushn.



The lineup is as follows:

Gary ‘kalth‘ Howard (C)

Jireh ‘J1rah’ Youakim

Daylan ‘goa’ Fabbro

Jay ‘JDK’ Eckermann

Euan ‘sterling’ Moore


The team will compete under the Riotous Raccoons brand for the first time at the Australian E-Sports Masters in Adelaide this weekend, the 1st and 2nd of July. They’re playing from group A with the likes of Tainted Minds Black, Legacy and Funkey Monkeys. We look forward to seeing what this lineup can bring to our organisation and will continue to strive to make them a force within the Australian Counter-Strike scene.